February 24, 2022

Springfield school board candidates raise $81K+ with five weeks to go for April 5 election - News-Leader

Springfield school board candidate Steve Makoski took an early lead in fundraising for the April 5 election but is now trailing Kelly Byrne.

In all, the five candidates vying for two open spots on the board have raised a total of $81,141 in monetary and in-kind donations, according to campaign reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The latest reports were due Thursday, 40 days before the election, and showed Byrne has raised $34,705, or just $3,002 more than the $31,703 raised by Makoski.

Together, Byrne and Makoski — who have many donors in common — raised nearly 82 percent of all the reported funds, so far, in the race.

The amounts raised by the other candidates include $3,237 by Chad Courtney, $3,300 by Charles Taylor; and $8,599 by Brandi VanAntwerp.

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Kelly Byrne

The treasurer for the Kelly Byrne for School Board committee is Tyler Creach, who gave $500 to the campaign.

The $34,705 raised includes $9,500 worth of in-kind donations including $1,000 from Todd Wilson, COO of Rapid Roberts; $1,500 from the campaign itself; $2,000 from Landon McCarter, co-founder of Secure Agent Marketing; $2,000 from Curtis Jared, a commercial real estate developer; and $3,000 from Michael Esquibel, for graphic design.

Byrne, a real estate investor and developer, received his largest monetary donation from Chuck Kohout (of Ozark), who gave $2,500. Thomas Fowler, who started the State Bank of Southwest Missouri, donated $1,000 and so did his wife, Linda Fowler.

Byrne received $1,000 each from Loren Cook and Casey Mericle.

Former SPS board member Bruce Chisope donated $100. Carl Herd, retired teacher and former SPS board candidate, gave $100.

Swayne Loftis ran for the board in 2015. A year earlier, he sued the district in an attempt to get on the ballot after failing to get enough signatures. He donated $1,000.

Byrne received $500 from professional NBA player Anthony Tolliver, a business partner and former Kickapoo High basketball teammate.

He received $750 from State Rep. Craig Fishel, a Springfield Republican on the House education committee. He also received $200 from former Republican State Rep. Roy Holand.

Marcus Aton, who ran for Springfield mayor in 2021, gave $120. Nelson Knapp, listed as the treasurer for the conservative Back On Track America group, gave $100.

Other donors include: $750 from Sherry Byrne; and $500 each from James Corlew Mike Reynolds (of...

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