October 26, 2022

North Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, John Helms Explains Texas Laws on Employer Background Checks for Criminal Records

Learn about the Texas laws on employer background checks for criminal records. North Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, John Helms

North Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, John Helms State laws vary on whether and how employers can access an individual’s criminal record as part of the hiring process. In some states, employers are unable to receive these records at all. In other states, employers can consider an applicant’s criminal record in their hiring decisions.

Under Texas law, background check reports cannot contain information about convictions or arrests that are more than seven years old for jobs that pay $75,000 or less annually. However, this seven-year restriction isn’t applicable for jobs that have an annual pay of over $75,000. Additionally, some types of jobs in the safety industry are excluded from the seven-year restriction.

Additionally, if you had an arrest record expunged, Texas law allows you to state to potential employers that you have no criminal arrests on your record.

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