July 10, 2023

Federal Criminal Forfeiture - Expert Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helms Explains

Federal criminal forfeiture allows law enforcement to seize assets associated with illegal actions in federal criminal proceedings, such as vehicles and jewelry.

What is Forfeiture in Federal Criminal Cases? Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains.

Federal criminal forfeiture is a federal law that enables law enforcement to seize assets associated with illegal activities in federal criminal proceedings. Asset examples are cars and jewelry, real estate, cash, bank accounts, and cryptocurrency accounts.

Notably, forfeiture is not applicable in every federal criminal case because it depends on whether the crime charged against the defendant allows it.

Crimes where federal criminal forfeiture is frequently used include:

  • drug trafficking,

  • organized crime,

  • child pornography,

  • money laundering, and

  • copyright infringement prosecutions.

When a defendant's assets are suspected of being linked to these illegal actions, the government can take them as part of the judicial procedure.

If you are facing a federal criminal charge and the risk of asset forfeiture, you must seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Someone like John Helms, who knows the law well and has a significant perspective as a former federal prosecutor, can be an excellent asset to your defense plan.

It is vital to act fast if you are facing a federal criminal case involving asset seizure. Consult an attorney who can guide you and fight for your rights as you traverse the complex legal process. To discuss your case and explore your alternatives for a strong defense, call John Helms at 972-525-8822.

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