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Dallas, Texas , Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Those accused of federal drug crimes believe their lawyer should file a lot of pretrial motions, and the more, the better. Usually, they are not sure what types of motions they want filed, but they often believe that filing motions shows that their lawyer is fighting for them.

To answer whether it is important to file them, John Helms covers what a pretrial motion really is in the resource, “Is It Important To File Pretrial Motions.”

  • Federal pretrial and Rule 12 motions of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • What are the typical pretrial motions in federal drug cases?
  • Why motions to dismiss the Indictment are rare in federal drug cases and rarely succeed.
  • Why motions in limine are fairly common and why they are filed.

The public is encouraged to read this resource web guide “ Is It Important To File Pretrial Motions ” by downloading for free.

About Federal Criminal Defense Attorney John Helms

John Helms is a Dallas criminal justice trial attorney. While in the United States Attorney’s office for nearly three years as a federal criminal prosecutor for the Northern District of Texas, Mr. Helms never lost a trial or an appeal.

To learn about federal criminal defense visits https://johnhelms.attorney/federal-drug-crimes/

Because of his background prosecuting criminal cases against defendants who were facing serious jail time in Federal and State penitentiaries, he is uniquely positioned to evaluate and assess both sides of a criminal defense case. For more information visit https://johnhelms.attorney/

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