March 31, 2022

Federal Computer Crimes - Dallas Federal Computer Crime Defense Lawyer Web Resource on - Van Buren v. United States Supreme Court Ruling

Dallas based Federal computer hacking defense attorney John Helms shares thoughts on SCOTUS’ computer hacking crimes ruling narrowing the scope of federal computer hacking laws

New web resource from Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helms on the Van Buren v. United States Supreme Court ruling.

Last year’s Supreme Court Ruling in the Van Buren v. United States case involved a police officer who was charged with illegally accessing information from a workplace database. He used the information for personal purposes rather than official law enforcement purposes, which was against department policies, but not against federal law, according to the Supreme Court’s ruling. This ruling has far-reaching implications for federal hacking and computer crimes laws. In a new resource, federal computer crimes defense lawyer John Helms explains the ruling and related laws, as well as the ways it will affect similar cases moving forward. 

“The opinion significantly narrowed the conduct that can be considered criminal under the federal computer hacking law,” says Mr. Helms, a former federal prosecutor who uses his experience to provide unique insight to each defense, “This is good news for those accused of federal computer hacking crimes.”

The resource put together by Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helms goes in-depth to answer the following questions:

  • What is Van Buren v. United States?

  • What is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

  • What does the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act say about federal computer hacking crimes?

  • What did the Supreme Court rule in Van Buren v. United States?

  • What are computer fraud and hacking charges considered serious?

  • What should you do when charged with a federal computer crime?

Read the full resource on the Supreme Court federal computer crimes ruling here.

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