December 07, 2023

Drug Arrest Defense Lawyer In Dallas John Helms Enumerates Common Defenses Against Drug Possession

Find out the top three common defenses to contest against drug possession charges.

Drug possession charges can be intimidating, but an expert legal counsel can present various defenses that may dispute the allegations. In this short article, Dallas Drug Arrest Lawyer John Helms enumerates the top three common defenses to contest possession charges.

Illegal Search and Seizure: Defense attorneys can argue that law enforcement violated due process by conducting an unlawful search. The evidence may be rendered inadmissible if narcotics are found without a valid search warrant or the resident's consent.

Not Controlled Substances: A defense attorney may be able to show that the seized substances, which were thought to be illegal, were, in fact, harmless. This argument may entail demonstrating that substances, such as powders, are not illegal drugs but rather harmless chemicals such as baking soda.

Planted Evidence: The defense may claim that evidence was planted in locations where there has been a history of police misconduct, specifically targeting specific communities. Eyewitness reports and supporting proof of earlier corruption involving the arresting officer or federal agent are required for this defense strategy.

Handling drug possession charges needs a thorough awareness of legal intricacies. With his long-term expertise as a Dallas Drug Arrest Lawyer, John Helms provides a set of strategic defenses against possession charges.

If you or a loved one is facing drug possession charges, contact John Helms, a seasoned Dallas Drug Arrest Lawyer, to discuss the best defense strategy for your case.

Source: How a Dallas Drug Arrest Defense Lawyer Defends Possession Charges in a TX Case

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