December 29, 2022

Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helm New Web Resource on Federal White Collar Criminal Defense is Live.

Best Rated Dallas white collar criminal defense attorney John Helms releases a new resource that discusses federal white collar criminal defense.

John Helms, one of the best and leading white-collar criminal defense attorneys in Dallas, Texas, recently released a web resource to help people accused of fraud charges or white-collar crime.

According to Helms, fraud can only be established if there is an element of deception.

"Fraud cases, whether they are state fraud charges or federal mail, wire, or bank fraud charges, involve accusations that the defendant tried to cheat someone by using deception." Helms explained.

The whole resource focuses on the following topics:

I. Introduction

A. Definition of White Collar Crime

B. Overview of White Collar Crime

II. Types of White Collar Crime

A. Tax Evasion

B. Insider Trading

C. Money Laundering

D. Bank Fraud

E. Identity Theft

F. Embezzlement

III. Causes of White Collar Crime

A. Greed

B. Lack of Regulation

C. Pressure to Succeed

D. Lack of Knowledge

IV. Consequences of White Collar Crime

A. Financial Loss

B. Loss of Reputation

C. Criminal Penalties

People charged with fraud in Dallas can contact attorney John Helms directly by calling 214-666-8010 or by visiting his website at

About Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helms

John Helms, Esq. has a Dallas office where he practices State, Federal white-collar criminal defense and appellate law.

John Helms, Esq. practices state and federal white-collar criminal defense and appellate law in his Dallas office. He has experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system, including jury trials, grand jury proceedings, evidentiary hearings, suppression motions, detention hearings, and sentencing advocacy.

In addition to his work in the criminal justice system, Mr. Helms also has civil litigation experience in various areas, including business disputes. Mr. Helms also has experience in post-conviction relief matters, such as habeas corpus petitions and appeals. Mr. Helms was rated the Best Criminal Defense attorney in Dallas by

Formally as an Assistant United States Attorney, he prosecuted white-collar fraud, violent crime, firearm, immigration, sexual crimes, and drug cases. Responsibilities included trial and appellate work. He never lost a trial or appeal while acting as a Federal Criminal Prosecutor For The Northern District Of Texas.

Awarded certificates of appreciation from the U.S. Postal Inspectors for financial crimes prosecution and the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys for review of FBI terrorism reports related to the 9/11 attacks.


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