April 20, 2023

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains The Distinction Between Being Detained And Being Arrested By The Police

Learn the distinction between being detained and being arrested by the police.

It is important to understand your rights and the situation you may find yourself in if authorities detain you.

According to Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer John Helms, being detained by the police is not the same as being arrested.

You can't just walk away when you're detained, but you're also not officially arrested.

A typical scenario in which you may be detained is at a sobriety checkpoint.

Police officers may temporarily stop your vehicle to determine if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

They have the right to detain you during this time while they conduct their investigation.

It is critical to understand that if you are detained, you have the right to remain silent and to request a lawyer.

You are not required to answer questions or consent to searches unless legal counsel accompanies you.

Remember these points the next time you find yourself in a situation where the police are detaining you.

Knowing your rights and comprehending the situation can make or break the situation.

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